Anna Jaxe is a portrait artist from London who is known for her layered stencils created with spray paint. She enjoys using mass-produced objects repurposed as a canvas for her portraits but also revels in painting on the street.
The subjects of Jaxe’s portraits can often be larger than life personalities who capture the public's love/hate relationship with the media. 
“I am fascinated by how people seek to find connection in this day and age. We are bombarded with the ability to communicate via the latest technology, yet there is an epidemic of loneliness among young people. Parasocial relationships with those in the public eye sometimes fill this void. Stories in the public realm are playing a more significant role in our lives and this is what I am exploring.”

Born in 1989, Anna has studied Art at Kingston University and Reading University. She has represented herself at events across England and regularly paints on the street, particularly in London. In 2020, her large scale painting of ‘Percy The Giraffe’ was featured on BBC’s season 5 of ‘Last Tango In Halifax’, and in 2022, Jaxe painted a 5 metre high portrait of Suranne Jones as Anne Lister on the side of the Ring ‘O’ Bells pub in Halifax which is now on permanent display.